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Bridal Diamond Cut Trends in 2021

Bridal Diamond Cut Trends in 2021

While the pandemic may have temporarily halted couples’ ceremonies and celebrations, the world is slowly returning to ‘normal’ people are excited to get their engagements and wedding plans back on track! The world changed during the pandemic, and so did engagement trends. Here are some Bridal Diamond Cut trends in 2021 you should be privy to if your on your way to getting married! 

The Shape of The Ring

Often the first question that comes to mind when picking the perfect ring is which shape? There are so many different diamond shapes to choose from: round, emerald, marquis, pear, the list goes on. The shape of the ring is unique and so is your partner! Our team of diamond experts will take their time to help you understand which ring shape is perfect for your partner. 

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Rings that Include Personal Details

An engagement ring should be the most personal piece of jewelry your partner owns. Ring designers across the country have found that many couples have taken great pride in the making of their own ring rather than purchasing a ready-to-buy ring. Customizing your ring can allow you to highlight personal moments between you and your partner, whether it be through the selection of the shape and size of the diamonds or engravement. Our talented team of experts here at Date & Time are mor than happy to make the ring of your dreams a reality!

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Band Style Rings 

Many jewelry designers have noticed that many of their recent customers are favoring eternity band style rings instead of singular stone rings during the engagement process. Band style rings have been popular in 2021 because of the rings versatility. The beauty of a band style ring is the fact it is multi-faceted; it can serve as both a wedding and engagement ring. Eternity bands are just that: eternal and timeless.

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A Virtual World

We have made it our priority to serve our loyal customers to the best of our ability throughout this unprecedented time. From offering curbside pickup, virtual meetings, and safe, socially distanced one-on-one appointments, to our detailed inventory on our website, we want to ensure that our customers are still getting the full Date & Time experience. Please visit us online or call us at 978.579.3002 to book an appointment or speak to one of our knowledgeable team members.

Date & Time: Greater Boston’s Top Bridal Engagement Ring Store

When it comes to bridal diamond cuts, always shop safe, give yourself time and reach out for assistance if you need guidance on the perfect cut. At Date & Time, we specialize in customizing jewelry that complements any desired style. We always offer a unique and detail-oriented design experience while working with our clients to make sure their bridal aspirations come to fruition. If we can help you out in any way, do not hesitate to contact us and get started. Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm.


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