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Established in 1834, Philip Wolf, who originally sold silver, noticed that his pieces were selling better when presented in delicate, unique boxes. Soon, these boxes began to sell more than the silver he originally intended. Philip shifted his focus to box-making. His goal was to create aesthetically pleasing jewelry boxes to safeguard people’s meaningful and valuable items. The “WOLF” family made it their mission to ensure this vision came true through innovation and partnership.


The modern-day watch-winders are crafted to care for the health of the pieces. Watch-winders are handmade to be as precise as possible. Timepieces require a specific number of turns per day to be fully wound. WOLF knows precisely how to advise your number of turns, tailored explicitly to your timepiece. One of their unique contributing factors is that they have no magnetization in their winders. This is an excellent purchase if you are looking to restore your watch to its best version.

Jewelry Boxes

The interior lining of WOLF’s jewelry boxes is designed to prevent tarnishing with their LusterLoc patent. Similar to the watch-winders, they are crafted to preserve the health of their pieces. This is an integral part of what makes WOLF so unique, as they are always catering to the health and preservation of their jewelry, essentially making it timeless. To discover more about the boxes we offer from WOLF, you can visit the jewelry box section of our website.

The Perfect Accessory

The watch-winders and jewelry boxes are the best accessories for your dresser. They provide an organized space as well as a protected home for your watches or jewelry. They come in many different styles, ranging in different colors as well as designs. To discover what accessories WOLF has in store at Date and Time, visit our page here.

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