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Although you are likely more familiar with Rolex, Tudor is a line that we carry here at Date and Time. Tudor sells some of the classiest, luxurious watches that you can find in our Sudbury boutique. Continue reading to discover the watches behind Tudor.

The Watches

Tudor carries many luxurious watches. Their brand’s top selling different types of watches are the Black Bay, Sport Watches, Classic Watches, Women’s Watches, and lastly Diving Watches. They have many different lines of their product that suit any type of lifestyle. When you are constantly on the go, and enjoy luxurious items, Tudor watches can suit any different occasion.

The Ambassadors

Tudor’s ambassadors are a wide range of people. To name a few, there is Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and Jay Chou. They even have World Rugby as an ambassador. Being a diverse brand means you have to incorporate celebrities from all different aspects and backgrounds. Not only is it important to show that your watches suit anyone’s lifestyle, but it is also important that their target audience supports the ambassadors. Tudor does a phenomenal job of doing so.

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If you are interested in purchasing or browsing the Tudor watch collections at Date and Time, contact us today to get started. You can visit our website, our physical location in Sudbury, Massachusetts, give us a call at 978.579.3002, or send us an email at We look forward to assisting you soon.


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