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It may be difficult to style sapphires, rubies, or pearls if you’re a part of the younger generation. Millennials and Generation Z grew up with silver and gold hoops, rings, and bracelets. Whether you’re looking to transition your style to something with more color and elegance, or you’d like to add more pieces to your jewelry collection, continue reading to learn how we recommend you style your pearls, rubies, and sapphires with any outfit.


Sapphires capture a vibrant, extravagant blue color. Elevate your look by adding these colorful gems to any outfit. Two colors that we suggest you pair your sapphires with are black and coral. A dark, caliginous color such as black matches everything. Pairing sapphire jewelry with a black dress, leather jacket, or even a pair of jeans will make your outfit unique and stray from the crowd. Coral is a complementary color to blue. Since they are opposing colors, pairing the two together can create both contrast and a bold statement. This fall season, be sure to pair your coral blouse, scarf, or jacket with one of the beautiful sapphire pieces we offer.


Rubies are a stunning red gem. When it comes to styling, we have the right tips. Wearing colors on the grayscale will draw the right kind of attention towards your jewelry. Whether you wear white, black, or a shade in between, this is guaranteed to add glamour to your outfit. Brown is one of the hottest clothing colors this fall; we recommend you style your rubies with a dark, mahogany brown color. Red and brown together can surprisingly stand out, so ensure to pair them with one of your favorite fall clothing items. If you wear makeup, one of the best looks that go with rubies is a smokey eyeshadow paired with luscious red lipstick. This will look stunning with one of the jewelry items we offer at Date and Time.


You can style pearls in a few different ways. When pairing them with work attire, incorporating a single-strand necklace is the best option. You can style this with a jacket or blazer, button-down shirt, or any color blouse to add elegant simplicity. To casually wear pearls, a two-strand necklace is our top recommendation. Not only does it add a hint of glamor, but it can dress up any outfit ranging from a pair of sneakers and jeans to a flowy dress and a leather jacket. If you’re wearing a more elegant outfit, a multi-strand necklace will heighten your beauty. This can emphasize your outfit for any occasion, putting all eyes on you. Be sure to view the different pearls we offer!

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